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How to get there?

To get to the island of Santo Antão, you will first have to fly to the airport of Cesaria Evoria (VXE) in São Vicente. Upon arrival, you have to pay an airport tax (30 euros) at the airport. You can already buy this online. Afterwards, you can get your luggage and find a taxi to go to the town center of Mindelo (10 euros or 1010 escudos). 

From Mindelo, you can take a ferry that takes you to Porto Novo in Santo Antão. This ferry takes an hour for crossing the distance. There are 2 companies, Polaris and Armas, that provide this service. A one-way ticket costs 7 euro or 800 escudos.

The timetable is:
Boat Polaris:  7.00 / 11.00 / 15.00 hour.
Boat Armas: 8.00 and 14.00 hour.

For more information click here.

If you decide to stay in Mindelo for a day or two, please contact us and we can guide you to a nice hotel where you can stay before coming to Santo Antão!

Upon arrival with the boat in Porto Novo, a driver from Tienne Del Mar will await you outside the port with a sign from Tienne Del Mar. He will drive you for 300 escudos from Porto Novo to Paul where we will await your arrival.



Rua Agustinho Neto Villa das Pombas Paúl,
1210 Pombas, Cape Verde

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For more info on Santo Antão click here.

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Contact Hotel Cape Verde  | Tienne Del Mar


Which popular attractions are near Tienne Del Mar?
Nearby attractions include Paul Tal (3.6 miles) and Cova - Crater (6.4 miles).

What are the facilities at Tienne Del Mar?
As a guest you can enjoy a roof terrace with bar, free Wi-Fi and breakfast. 

What food and drink options are available at Tienne Del Mar?
Guests can enjoy roof terrace with bar, breakfast and restaurant during their stay.

Are there parking spaces available at Tienne Del Mar?
Yes, free parking on the road is available to guests.

What restaurants are near Tienne Del Mar?
Restaurants with a convenient location include Casa Maracujá, Black Mamba and Cozinha de Bento.

Are there sports facilities at Tienne Del Mar?
Yes, guests have access to the swimming pool during their stay.

What is the weather like on Santo Antão? 

Santo Antão has a hot desert climate. During the day it's hot but at night the temperature drops. All year long the temperature doesn't drop under 20 degrees. A sea breeze is almost permanently on the island. 

How can I get to Cape Verde from Belgium?

With TAP Air Portugal you can book a flight from Brussels Airport to São Vicente with a transfer in Lisbon. There are no direct flights. When you arrive in São Vicente, you take the ferry (duration is 1 hour) to Santo Antão. Another option is to fly to Boa Vista or Sal with TUI. This is a direct flight. From Boa Vista or Sal you can take a ferry to São Nicolau. A second ferry will bring you to São Vicente. A third ferry will take you to Santo Antão. There is no airport on Santo Antão, so you can only get here with the ferry.

Contact Hotel Cape Verde  | Tienne Del Mar 

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