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Discover the magnificent island

Santo Antão 


Cova de Paúl

Cova is a fertile crater. Walking down to cidade das Pombas, you'll be constantly overwhelmed by the breathtaking view. Along the way, you walk past coffee plants, banana, mango, and avocado trees.  


After a ride from Paúl through Ribeira da Torre, it is a short walk to a great view. From the top of Xôxô village, you have an amazing view of Ribeira Grande. When walking down, just after leaving Xôxô, you pass an amazing waterfall. 

Ribeira da Torre

Ribeira da Torre is a stream in the northeastern part of the island of Santo Antão. Its source is in the mountains north of the Cova crater. When you arrive in Ribeira da Torre, you reach the eastern plateau in the beginning at an altitude of more than 1200 meters.  At the end of Ribeira da Torre, you find Xôxô.

Pico da Cruz

Pico da Cruz is the second highest mountain on the island with an altitude of 1,500 meters. You will be impressed by the great altitude. The flora is dominated by coniferous trees. At night there is possibly precipitation. This ensures that there is a wide variety of plants, which makes the region one of the most beautiful of the island. 

Chã de Igreja

This walk of about 6 hours is an absolute must in Santo Antão.  It runs along the northeast coast and crosses several villages that offer beautiful sights on sometimes unpaved roads. The view of the valleys and cliffs is among the most impressive of the island. The level of difficulty is moderate/difficult.


The walk from Corda to Coculi provides views of pristine valleys and the blue ocean as a backdrop that will surely leave you speechless for a few moments. It is a difficult walk of 6 to 7 hours, but it is worthwhile. You will see several villages on your path. Once you arrive in Coculi, you will be surrounded by a large number of palm trees.


If you are looking for relaxation after a few days of walking, you can always take a dip in the natural baths of Sinagoga. It's located between Paúl and Ribeira Grande. After bathing, it is possible to have a snack and drink there at "Oasis".


If you're not easily seasick and would like to do something very original, you definitely should go fishing. While sitting in a boat that tilts from left to right, you can catch your own fish. Afterwards, everybody bakes their fish on the barbecue. Act and feel like a real Cape Verdean. 

Scuba diving

In Tarrafal, on the other side of the island, or in Porto Novo (where the ferry arrives), you can make great diving trips. Here you can see manta’s and turtles. Snorkeling is also an option. 


You can experience one of the most adventurous activities with a professional guide on this island. Get ready for the fantastic discovery of Santo Antão's most remote and secret canyons. 

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